15 Best Ways to Spend Your Time

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Some people might think that making your bed in the morning is a time waster. Actually, these little daily functions, especially ones that make us feel good, organized, and tidy, are time very well spent.


1. Keep your space clean.

It is good for your health and good for your state of mind. Spend a few minutes every day putting away clutter or dusting picture frames.

2. Work out while you watch tv.

If you are going to watch television, make it time well-spent. Work out while you watch. It makes tv guilt-free.

3. Pet your dog.

Studies show that people who spend time with their pets are happier and healthier.

4. Cook dinner.

Cooking your own food not only saves money, but home-cooked food is statistically lower in calories, fat and sodium than restaurant food. Don’t know how to cook? Ask friends to show you how to cook their favorite recipes. You’ll learn and have fun too.

5. Organize your closet.

Does everything fall out when you open the closet door? Disorganization causes daily stress, which is a big contributor to heart disease. Take an afternoon and organize it. You’ll feel peaceful and satisfied every time you open the door, instead of feeling stressed-out.

6. Get outside.

Being outside contributes a feeling of peace, lowering blood pressure. You don’t have to take a hike or play football. Just sitting outside is beneficial.

7. Spend time with loved ones.

Enjoyable communication with our spouse, children, siblings, parents, and friends leads to the release of endorphins and helps to lower stress. Even talking to a loved one on the phone is good for your health.

8. Smile and be pleasant.

Even when you are feeling terrible, the simple act of smiling actually makes you feel better. It will help those around you to feel better too.


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9. Play a game.

Playful people live longer, happier lives. Take up a friendly game, whether it be an online word game or a snowball fight in the park.


10. Volunteer.

People who volunteer are happier than people who don’t. Helping others makes us feel good. Why not take up a cause near and dear to your heart? Contribute a few hours a week and feel great.

11. Forgive someone.

If someone has wronged you, take a minute every morning, or every evening and say this out loud. “I forgive you.” Even if they aren’t there to hear it, you will know. It will heal you.

12. Forgive yourself.

Did you screw up? Did you make a mistake and you can’t stop beating yourself up about it? Try this. Look in the mirror. Then say, “I sure screwed up.” Then, laugh. Laugh as hard as you can. Even if you don’t feel like laughing, do it anyway. Do it every day for a week. Know what? You will start to find healing.

13. Take the day off and get a massage.

Massage is not only relaxing, it has proven health benefits, relieving stress and toxins which build up in muscle tissue. You will go back to work refreshed and recharged..

14. Give away one thing that you love.

Has your best friend always admired your vintage leather jacket? Does your mother constantly lavish praise on your delicate turquoise earrings? Well, make her day. Give them to her. The only thing that could make you feel better than wearing those earrings…is seeing your mother wearing them.


Canoeing with a friend Photo by pmulloy2112

15. Learn something new.

Feeling in a funk? Take a class and learn about something that’s always intrigued you, whether it be photography or French. Studies have shown that learning something new is like medicine for the brain, allowing it to let go of discomfort and pain.

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